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The S&P 500 has dropped approximately 31% since the beginning of the year, and the Dow has lost more than 35%. Return of Capital is displacing return on capital as a primary concern. Investors are looking at how to protect themselves. They should be taking a new look at alternative investments.
This is how Chelton Wealth did since the beginning of the year with two of our programs: Currency Alpha 5.62% and Alternative One: 8.39%
Again cementing the advantage of being invested in nimble, market-neural strategies like ours which are totally uncorrelated to traditional equity or real-estate returns. We are able to produce in all market conditions, regardless of whether the stock market rising or falling, or the economy is growing or contracting.

Here at Chelton Wealth we offer investment strategies suited for institutional investors, funds of hedge funds, family offices, high-net worth individuals and retail investors.

Our strategies are tailored to suit the investment goals of our clients. Using our experience and the Chelton Wealth investment model, we can help you design and implement a wealth strategy that underpins your goals.

Whether your focus is on generating new wealth or preserving or enhancing existing wealth, we can build a wealth strategy that will help you achieve your investment objectives.
Since inception, we have thrived in offering you access to strategies with great potential for profit. Our performance has been recognised in BarclayHedge, RCM Alternatives, AlphaBot and FundPeak rankings. 
We would be delighted to provide you with a demonstration of our services and investment strategies to help you make an informed choice of which one may be best suited for you. To request your free no obligation demonstration click here.
N.B. Our fact sheets will be updated and available in early April.


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